We are an ISO 9001 certificated manufacturer and exporter that specializes in OEM&ODM hardware related products, such as stainless steel banding, FTTH installation accessories, hose clamping and other high precision OEM&ODM hardware related products in China.

We have flexible manufacturing abilities and can offer high quality hardware related products and assembly parts at a very competitive price since we have combined our workshops with advanced stamping machines, CNC machines, grinding machines, welding machines, plastic injection machines and etc. More than 10 years manufacturing and exporting experience in working with our global clients, now our hardware products have exported to more than 50 countries and regions worldwide.

Our core value is to provide our domestic and global clients with high quality  hardware products and sound service combined with competitive price strategy to create win-win business relationships.We strive not only to become your favorite and reliable hardware products supplier, but also to be a trusted partner in China through our cooperation. We can work with clients to provide various certifications for our products such as CE, BV or SGS testing report, COC, ECTN, BIECT and ect.


Since 2008



Stainless Steel Strapping
Drop Wire Clamp
Pole Line Hardware
Pole Hardware


center punch clamp

Center Punch Clamp

Center punch clamp and tools are a set of fastening products. They can be used in marine, petrol systerm. They are for hose assembling, cable bundling and general fastening.

stainless steel band & buckle, traffic light, road sign

Stainless Steel Band & Buckle

Stainless steel band and buckle are suitable for many applications. We can use them to fasten road sign to a pole. And they also fit for package. Using with banding tool or ratchet banding tool.

drop wire clamp, fiber optic cables, installation of drop wire clamp

Drop Wire Clamp

Drop wire clamp has many types and different material. The purpose of this kind of product is to support telephone drop wire to other brackets on telephone pole.

guy grip for adss cable, O ring accessories

Guy Grip

Guy grip is a kind of suspension products for ADSS & OPGW cable. The function of this products is to grip cables and protect cables from damage. Guy grip is used for overhead pole line.

pole bracket, ct8 bracket, anchor clamp, strapping band

Pole Bracket

Pole bracket is a kind of pole hardware used to connect drop wire clamps, anchor clamps or other fiber optic accessories. Normally, the material of them is carbon steel with hot dipped galvanized surface.

fiber optic box, dome closure, terminal box

Fiber Optic Box

Fiber optic boxes have many different types, such as terminal box and distribution box. They are all made of high quality plastic material. The main funtion is to protect optical cable splicing.


FTTH Drop Wire Clamps

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Fiber Optic Junction Box

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