Stainless Steel Bands Strap for Cable

Stainless Steel Bands Strap for Cable

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1.Material can be ASTM/AISI SS201,SS304 & SS316
2.OEM packing and labels are available
3.Ready in stock for short delivery
4.At least 5 Years warranty against rusty



Stainless Steel Bands Strap

Material: 201, 304 or 316 stainless steel

Package: Carton Box, Plastic Dispensier or as client’s requests.

Usage: It can be used with our stainless steel buckles and strapping tools.


Stainless steel material in a shiny finish, offers good resistance to oxidation. We can use them in outdoor applications for a long time without rust and corrosion.

It wildly uses in fixing pipes, tubes, cables.

Stainless Steel Bands Strap

Item No.WidthThicknessLength
HJ-110041/4”0.40mm100 FT
HJ-110051/4”0.50mm100 FT
HJ-110061/4”0.60mm100 FT
HJ-110071/4”0.70mm100 FT
HJ-110761/4”0.76mm100 FT
HJ-110801/4”0.80mm100 FT
HJ-130043/8”0.40mm100 FT
HJ-130053/8”0.50mm100 FT
HJ-130063/8”0.60mm100 FT
HJ-130073/8”0.70mm100 FT
HJ-130763/8”0.76mm100 FT
HJ-130803/8”0.80mm100 FT
HJ-140041/2”0.40mm100 FT
HJ-140051/2”0.50mm100 FT
HJ-140061/2”0.60mm100 FT
HJ-140071/2”0.70mm100 FT
HJ-140761/2”0.76mm100 FT
HJ-140801/2”0.80mm100 FT
HJ-150045/8”0.40mm100 FT
HJ-150055/8”0.50mm100 FT
HJ-150065/8”0.60mm100 FT
HJ-150075/8”0.70mm100 FT
HJ-150765/8”0.76mm100 FT
HJ-150805/8”0.80mm100 FT
HJ-160043/4”0.40mm100 FT
HJ-160053/4”0.50mm100 FT
HJ-160063/4”0.60mm100 FT
HJ-160073/4”0.70mm100 FT
HJ-160763/4”0.76mm100 FT
HJ-160803/4”0.80mm100 FT






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