Stainless Steel Strapping


Stainless steel strapping is one series of products category that we can supply. It includes stainless steel band, buckle, banding tools, center punch clamps, center punch tool. Ratchet banding tools are in this category. We use these products in marine, petrol system. The function of them is to secure things to pole, sign post. They are for light or heavy duty applications including hose assemblies, cable bundling and general fastening.

Detailed Description

The material of bands, buckles, center punch clamps is stainless steel. We can customize the material as your request. The banding tools are with drop forged manufacturing process. It can make its body strong enough to operate. Center punch clamps and tools are for hose bundling in marine, petrol system. Ratchet banding tool is easy operation and fast. It can feature as a hammer to hammer down buckles and seals. It will be your new choose.

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