New Type Fiber Optic Terminal Boxes

FDB16 optical terminal box

New Type Fiber Optic Terminal Boxes

Description of FDB8G and FDB16G Terminal Boxes

Today we are going to introduce our three new terminal boxes (two types). I would love to show our FDB8G and FDB16G  terminal box. Let us see what they look like.

fiber optic terminal boxs optical access terminal boxes 16 FO

HJ-FDB8G                                                                  HJ-FDB16G

These two terminal boxes are for connecting drop cable with feeder cable. One is for 8 users, and the other is for 16 users. We can do management, storage, splitting, splicing in the box. The material of these two boxes can be PC/ABS or ABS, which ensure our boxes in good quality and with good strength. Thus, we can use these boxes both indoor and outdoor. These two boxes are all fully enclosed structure, which makes this box waterproof and dustproof.  The protection level can up to IP68.


Basic specification of HJ-FDB8G

Dimension: 320*210*100mm

Color: Black, gray or white

Splitter: 1 piece 1×8 splitter

Basic specification of HJ-FDB16G

Dimension: 320*210*125mm

Color: Black, gray or white

Splitter: 2 pcs 1×8 or 1 piece 1×16 splitter

Inner view of boxes

Terminal Box 8 core distribution box 16FO NAP fiber optic terminal boxes

Accessories for these boxes

accessories for FDB terminal box

Description of FDB10 Terminal Boxes

Our next new terminal box is our HJ-FDB10 one. Below is the picture.

pre-connected terminal boxes 10 corefiber terminal box 10 core

This terminal box is used as the end point for the feeder and the branch cable connection. We usually use it in the FTTx communication network system. We could connect and distribute the optical fiber in this box. The material of this box is ABS/PC with protection level IP65. Thus, it ensures this box with good preformance in protection and management.

Basic specification of HJ-FDB10

Dimension: 195*200*80mm

Color:  Black

Max Capacity: 10 cores

Inner view of boxes

NAP fiber access terninal enclosure

These three terminal boxes are our new arrival boxes. And they are very popular in many countries and regions. If you want to know more about these three terminal boxes, please feel free to contact us!





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