Dead End Preformed Overhead Line Fittings

Dead End Preformed

Dead End Preformed Overhead Line Fittings

Introduction Of Dead End Preformed

Dead End Preformed

Dead end preformed can be use for the installation of bare conductors. And it can be use in overhead insulated conductors for transmission and distribution lines. The reliability and economic performance of the product is better than the bolt type and hydraulic type tension clamp. Which can be use in the current circuit. This unique, one-piece dead-end is neat in appearance. And free from bolts or high-stress holding devices. It can be made of galvanized steel or aluminium clad steel.

dead end guy grip

Product parameters:

Item No.Cable Size(mm)L(mm)

Other  sizes or armor rods can be provided as your request.

Material: Hot Galvanized Steel  or Aluminium Clad Steel

Color Code: As your request.

The dead end preformed can be use for ADSS cable line erection and tower connection. The pre-stranded aluminum clad steel can protect the ADSS cable. And it can improve the anti-seismic function. It can be use for terminal iron tower, tensioning iron tower and high difference iron tower. It’s suitable for all kinds of wire connection, and suitable for all kinds of high voltage overhead lines.


1. No stress concentration point, uniform stress, which has a good protective effect on the cable.
2. The cable has a greater grip force, which can withstand greater tension.
3. The specifications and models are numerous. It can choose the appropriate cable or cable dangling clip according to the parameters of the cable.
4. The product has the national professional organization ISO certification. And it has the third party inspection agency inspection report as well.
5. It has the simple structure, and easy to install, which can ensure the quality of installation.


dead end

dead end preformed application


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