ADSS Dead End Clamp Introduction

ADSS Dead End Clamp

ADSS Dead End Clamp Introduction

Brief Introduction

ADSS Dead End Clamp

Adss dead end clamp is a kind of pole line hardware products. Pole line hardware is an inportant component that plays a huge role in the operation and stability of power line. As a leading utility pole line hardware manufacturer, we can provide the high quality products. Like this dead end clamp I’m going to introduce. It has many features, which can be use in many different places. And it plays a huge role in the lots of places.

This dead end anchor clamp consists of self-adjusting plastic wedges, which clamp the optical cable without damaging. It’s high quality and durable. With its special design, it can anchor the ADSS optical fiber cable lines. It’s easy to install and operate, without any other area tools. Which can save the worker’s time and improve efficiency. And the stainless steel bail allows installations of clamps on a pole brackets or hooks at seaside area.

What are the features about the Adss dead end clamp?

1. Weatherproof.

2. Corrosion resistant.

3. Suits to all field configurations.

4. Supports industrial duty tension.

5. Simple and fast installation requiring no tools.

6. Possible to mount on pole line hardware with open or closed eye.

7. It’s durable, which can be use for a long time.

How to install Adss dead end clamp?

1. Release the mooring hook from the anchor clip.

2. Position the hook where a mooring or support point is required, securing it within the clamp body.

3. Remove the wedge from the base and place the cable inside the clamp.

4. Replace the wedge into place and pull the cable taut.


Shanghai Hongjing Hardware is an ISO9001 manufacturer and exporter. Our service is good. We have some rich experience of package and container loading. And we can provide a suitable package for different products. We have many different styles and models of this dead end anchor clamp, you can choose according to your needs. If you want to know more details about this dead end clamp price, please inquiry us!

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