Welcome to Hongjing!

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Welcome to Hongjing!

Welcome to Hongjing!

Hello everyone here, welcome to Hongjing website. It is my pleasure to let you know more about our company. Hope here can help you well.

Our company name is Shanghai Hongjing Hardware Products Co., Ltd. We are an experienced manufaturer and exporter of stainless steel strapping products, pole hardware and FTTH accessories. Here are some pictures to let you know more about our company!


hongjing hardware office, welcome to hongjing

This is our working place. Address is Room 602, Building 32, No.258 Xinzhuan Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai. There are several professional sale persons waiting for you. They can provide you the most professional and detailed information about our products. They will offer you a quoation with most competitive prices soonest. Our salemen have good ability to figure out the questions you met. If you have anything confused, just contact us.


factory, producing workshop, punching machine

These are some producing places of our factory. There are lots of skilled worker for producing goods as your request. And we have many advanced machines. It can make the producing time much shorter. The advanced machines include stamping machine, CNC machine, grinding machine, plastic injection machine and etc. Our factory has great ODM & OEM ablity to produce products as your samples or drawings. Welcome to your drawing and samples.

Our company established in 2008.  We have a lot of manufacturing and exporting experience about our main products.  We have exported our products to more than 60 countries and regions. All clients satisfied with our goods and have interest to continue cooperating.

Our core value is to provide our clients high quality prouducts, sound service and competitive prices. We’d like to creat win-win business relationship. We strive to be your reliable hardware products supplier. Any needs, just feel free to contact us. We will provide our best service.

Then I will introduce some main products of our company.

First is stainless steel band.

stainless steel banding strap producting in the factory, welcome tp hongjing

There are some producing situations of stainless steel band. We cut the band to a customized length. The regular length is 30.5m and 50m. The width and thickness are various. You can find them in our products description. Click here!

Secone is CT8 bracket.

This is a video about CT8 bracket. You can see the product detail and producing process. Want to know information, click here!

Number three is guy grip.

guy grip, package, wooden case

Guy grip is a kind of optical cable fitting for protecting the conductor. It is for use on pole distribution and transmission lines. Different mateirals and sizes are available. More information, view our production description.


Hongjing Hardware is a professional manufacturer and exporter in telecomunication products. Our technicians and staff can provide you best solutions. Welcome to contact us! Welcome to Hongjing.

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