New Arrival-Warning Mesh

different colors underground warning mesh

New Arrival-Warning Mesh

New Arrival-Warning Mesh! Welcome to have a look.

Warning mesh can be supplied now!

Today we are going to introduce our new arrival-underground warning mesh. Obviously, this type of warning mesh is used for undergroud applicataion. The material can be PP or PE. Here is a picture of it. Let us see what it looks like.

different colors warning mesh



We usually use them to warn that there are cables or other materials under them. Different colors are to identify the nature of the buried, and also to indicate its orientation. The red one is for signifying electric power line, green one is for the drain lines and sewers, and the blue one is for potable water. Different colors are available as client’s request.

underground warning mesh

We also can put a tape with a warning message or other information on the middle of the mesh. This warning message can let the workers easily recognize what the underlying assets are upon excavation. (We can manufacture the warning message according to customers’ requirements. For example text, size, color or language.) Therefore, it is ideal as a sign mesh. By using this mesh, we can prevent accidental digging, unnecessary repairs, expenses, and service interruption. In addition, we also can provide the detectable one. The detectable one is the one with stainless steel 304 wire between the tape and the mesh. As well, we show you one picture.

detectable warning mesh

For your reference, the most popular mesh sizes are 300mm, 400mm and 620mm in 100m/roll. Different widths and lengths are availalble according to your requirement. If you want to know more about this mesh, please contact us any time. By the way, we also can provide them with other usages.


Due to the gross weight of each roll is not too heavy, while the CBM is large. Therefore, we have different packing methods for you to choose.

Option one: We pack them one roll in one transparent bag. And then put them one roll by one roll into containers. Please see below picture.

yellow warning meshes in container

However thers is a disadvantage, that is unloading them is a big work. Workers should take them one roll by one roll, too.

Option two: We pack them 5 rolls in one woven bag. Then put them one woven bag by one woven bag. See below picture.

warning meshes in woven bag

It will be more convenient than option one, but it still takes a lot of work to unload.

Option three: We pack them suitable quantities in one pallet. Just like this.

warning mesh packed on a conatainer

It is the most convenient way to load and unload. However, the total CBMs and weights will be larger than option one and option two. In this way, the total packing quantity will be much smaller.

So, when you purchase this one, which one do you prefer?


At last, we will show you more pictures about our producing machine and packing.

warning mesh in woven bagwarning mesh producing machine

Finally, does this article let you know this product clearly? If you want to know, contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]

Have a nice day!

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