What Is The Drop Cable Hypoclamp?

What Is The Drop Cable Hypoclamp?

What Is The Drop Cable Hypoclamp?

Drop Cable Hypoclamp

What Is The Drop Cable Hypoclamp?

What Is The Drop Cable Hypoclamp? The drop cable hypoclamp is a kind of FTTH accessories. It is designed for hanging and flat fiber optic cable. The clip is very easy to install and requires no additional tools. It can be easily mounted on the suspension bracket by manually adjusting the hanging ring. The clip is equipped with perforated spacers, which can increase the load. When the fiber optic cable is dropped. And the main body is composed of stainless steel, which can increase the durability of the product.

The clamp has a stainless steel body design. It contains a stainless steel shim, a stainless steel shell and a plastic wedge. This ensures drop cable hypoclamp good performance in outdoor application. It will last for a long time without rust. And the clamps have corrosion resistance as well.

high quality hypoclamps

We widely apply it to support the telephone drop wire at Hongjing series brackets. The end of hypoclamp is open and lockable. They can easily attach flat cables to universal pole bracket, CT8 bracket and pole bracket. It will be much easiler for workers to installed on poles. We install them without bending of cable in hypoclamp. It is good choice for fiber optic cable supporting. The span length is up to 70m. The special shim can increase tension load without damage and slip. We have a variety of specifications and styles for you to choose from, you can choose according to your needs.


druable hypoclamp

1. Integrated design. Quality is imminent, rigorous craftsmanship, and careful manufacturing.
2. Easy to install. Strict selection of high-quality materials, strong stability, good toughness.
3. Support customization. Original factory production, authentic materials.

functional clamps


1.Customized design.

2.Light weight, convinent to carry.

3.Good mechanical performance.

4.Tool-free, easy to assembly and install.

How to install drop cable hypoclamp?

1. Make sure the tension strength of cable suitable for hypoclamp.

2. Take them in three parts, shell, wedge and shim. Find the wedge part.

3. Hang the bail of wedge part to bracket on the pole or wall and lock the bail.

4. Find the shell part and put the cable in it.

5. Put the shim in shell, make sure the gripping bumps facing the cable. This process is for increaing the holding  tension of cable.

6. Then put the wedge part in shell. Pull the wedge part to clamp onto the cable and shim.

Multi-field Application


It has many uses, can be use in many places, and brings many conveniences to it.

What is the drop cable hypoclamp? If you want to know more product information, welcome to consult.

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