One-stop Service Provided by Hongjing

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One-stop Service Provided by Hongjing

Recently, a lot of companies are paying more and more attention to one-stop service for a trading company. When a company want to purchase some products, they always want the suppliers to provide all products they need. It will save their time, energy, even save their cost.

In some big telecom project, we need a lot of related products. Most of them are main products, the others are the related products for main products. Normally, main products are all in good quantity. The accessories are not in a large quantity. Some of them may be a few. Due to the big quantity of main products, the purchase department will be easier to find these products. And the prices will be relatively cheaper.  However, we cannot find the related products in low prices so easily. The buyers will take a lot of time to find and discuss prices with kinds of suppliers. It will be a big project.

When all goods are ready, the purchasers also need to integrate all products together. They will ship all products in one or two containers to save cost.  All of them will take a lot of time and money. It is not beneficial for these buyers. They may need some suppliers combining everything for them.

One-stop Service Provided by Hongjing

Hongjing is a professional manufacturer and trading company. We have great integration ability. We can produce main products and purchase related accessories for you. There are many skilled procurement staff. The work of them is to find the good suppliers and discuss the prices with them. They will compare many suppliers and choose the most suitable and competitive one. The duty of them is to solve your problems and provide you the cheapest prices.

Our company has a big warehouse in Shanghai. This warehouse is near Shanghai Port. It will be more convenient to ship all goods by sea. All products you want will be together here. If you want the third party inspection, we can let the agency test here. Because goods are all in this place, the agency can test all products here. You don’t need take more money to do another inspections. It will save you a lot. In warehouse, we have skilled workers here to manage all your products. We also can provide you container loading here.

There are some examples we want to share with you.

Main products we manufacture.

ct8 bracket for fiber optic cables and clampsCT 1 bracket FTTH hardwareJ hook suspension clamp hongjing hardware

CT8 Bracket                                                                     CT1 Pole Bracket                                                       J Hook Suspension Clamp

drop wire clamp for cable 535hypoclamps hongjingarc cable clamp hongjing hardware

535 Drop Wire Clamp                                                     Hypoclamp                                                            Arc Cable Clamp

stainless steel bands strap for cablesstainless steel buckle banding bucklestainless steel banding tools hongjing hardware

Stainless Steel Band                                                         Stainless Steel Buckle                                  Stainless Steel Banding Tool

These are some of main products we manufacture. We have already produced them for many years. Guy grip, aluminum suspension clamps and related products are also our main products. You can click here to see more information.

Related products we can supply.

silicone and glue stick, adhesive productswarning tape, black insulation tape, paper tape, aluminum foil tapefibe

Silicone & Glue Stick                                                                  Tapes                                                        Fiber Optic Accessories

cable tie, cable clip, tie wrap for tie, expansion tubePEHD pipe and fast connectorlable machine and lettra tag

Cable Tie & Others                                                            PEHD Pipe & Fitting                                 Label Machine & Lettra Tag

These are related products we provided before. There are other accessories we don’t show here. If you have any related products, please just inform us with your main products. Our workers will find them with competitive prices and combine all of them.


Hongjing has great one-stop service. We can integrate most of your needed products in telecom projects. Welcome to your purchase list and we will try our best to help you. Hope Hongjing can be your most reliable partner.

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