Stainless Steel Strapping Band

stainless steel strapping band, use with buckles

Stainless Steel Strapping Band

Brief Introduction

Stainless Steel Strapping Band

Stainless steel strapping band is self-made, and the user can cut the required length by himself. It can be used for the bundling cables, billboards, traffic signs and pipes, etc. It can be used with the L-shaped stainless steel buckle, tooth-shaped stainless steel buckle and stainless steel flat buckle, etc. The band surface can be stamp with the clients logo. 50 meters or any other lengths are available. Different thickness are available. The band edge is round for safe installation. And the stainless steel band surface is highly polished, which have a good corrosion resistance. The material can be ASTM/AISI SS201,SS304 & SS316. Our service is good. We can provide the OEM packing and labels. And we have ready in stock for short delivery. We have at least 5 Years warranty against rusty as well. So please trust us as much as you can.

Well-known, good quality.

stainless steel banding strap

It has many uses, which can be use with the different stainless steel buckles.

stainless steel straps band

Specification Index

Item No.WidthThicknessLength
HJ-110041/4”0.40mm100 FT
HJ-110051/4”0.50mm100 FT
HJ-110061/4”0.60mm100 FT
HJ-110071/4”0.70mm100 FT
HJ-110761/4”0.76mm100 FT
HJ-110801/4”0.80mm100 FT
HJ-130043/8”0.40mm100 FT
HJ-130053/8”0.50mm100 FT
HJ-130063/8”0.60mm100 FT
HJ-130073/8”0.70mm100 FT
HJ-130763/8”0.76mm100 FT
HJ-130803/8”0.80mm100 FT
HJ-140041/2”0.40mm100 FT
HJ-140051/2”0.50mm100 FT
HJ-140061/2”0.60mm100 FT
HJ-140071/2”0.70mm100 FT
HJ-140761/2”0.76mm100 FT
HJ-140801/2”0.80mm100 FT
HJ-150045/8”0.40mm100 FT
HJ-150055/8”0.50mm100 FT
HJ-150065/8”0.60mm100 FT
HJ-150075/8”0.70mm100 FT
HJ-150765/8”0.76mm100 FT
HJ-150805/8”0.80mm100 FT
HJ-160043/4”0.40mm100 FT
HJ-160053/4”0.50mm100 FT
HJ-160063/4”0.60mm100 FT
HJ-160073/4”0.70mm100 FT
HJ-160763/4”0.76mm100 FT
HJ-160803/4”0.80mm100 FT


1.FAST INSTALL                   2.STRONG BINDING




It is suitable for use in various occasions. Here are some occasions:

1. highways, urban roads                             2.municipal construction, ship transportation

3.power facilities, industrial pipelines      4.petroleum equipment, fire hoses

5.wires and cables                                          6.road flag advertisements

application band strapping

PIPELINE TRANSPORT                                                             SIGN BINDING


TRAFFIC MONITORING                                          PETROLEUM CHEMICAL INDUSTRY

Stainless Steel Material

stainless steel strapping band

The stainless steel banding strap has the high quality stainless steel material and good toughness. It’s not easy to rust to ensure quality, while using more durable. Stainless steel material, fastening beads, not loose after fastening, tightening. With the stop-back design, the tighter the fastening, the tighter the tightening.

Practical packaging

steel banding strap

We have a practical packaging. It comes in a sturdy and practical carton packaging. We have a simple plastic waterproof packaging. The new convenience box has a convenient handle. With the transparent design, which shows the remaining cable ties. It’s easy to use, and it can be pulled out as needed for use.

stainless steel banding strap producting in the factory, welcome tp hongjing

This is the production workshop of our stainless steel strapping band. You can see the stainless steel band clearly. We have the flexible manufacturing abilities. We  can offer the high quality related hardware products. And we have a reasonable and competitive price. Our stainless steel strapping band can be use in any industry application. Which have a high quality and competitive price.  We can provide our clients high quality products and good service. So trust us as much as you can. And hope we can cooperate for mutual benefit and win-win.

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