third party inspection process

Third Party Inspection Process

Quality inspection is important for companies that purchase products. When their products are ready, they usually request a quality inspection. Quality inspection has three types: first-party , second-party and third-party inspection. First-party inspection is the inspection done by the manufacturer. Second-party inspection is the quality inspection done by the worker from client company. We call the client company buyer or purchaser. Third-party inspection is the inspection by the external inspection agency entrusted by the second party customer. Next we...

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stainless steel strapping band, use with buckles

Stainless Steel Strapping Band

Brief Introduction Stainless Steel Strapping Band Stainless steel strapping band is self-made, and the user can cut the required length by himself. It can be used for the bundling cables, billboards, traffic signs and pipes, etc. It can be used with the L-shaped stainless steel buckle, tooth-shaped stainless steel buckle and stainless steel flat buckle, etc. The band surface can be stamp with the clients logo. 50 meters or any other lengths are available. Different thickness are available. The band edge...

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stainless steel banding strap band buckles application

How to Use Stainless Steel Banding Tool

Short description of banding tool How to use stainless steel banding tool? First, we need to know what is banding tool. Banding tool is a kind of tensioning tool. It is for general tighening and cable bundling. The function of this tool is to make sure your banding tight around pole and package. It can be used in most of applications. This tool is good for light duty application to heavy duty application. Here are pictures of our banding tools. ...

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one-stop service, factory

One-stop Service Provided by Hongjing

Recently, a lot of companies are paying more and more attention to one-stop service for a trading company. When a company want to purchase some products, they always want the suppliers to provide all products they need. It will save their time, energy, even save their cost. In some big telecom project, we need a lot of related products. Most of them are main products, the others are the related products for main products. Normally, main products are all in...

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different certifications, ISO 9001 certification, BV & SGS test report

Different Certifications We Can Supply!

Different certifications are very important for all the large power projects. They are especially important in the tender projects . Sometimes, a lot of companies want to get the bidding projects in their countries. However, it stricts with the quality and manufacturers. In the bidding document, it will clearly indicate the different certifications which the suppliers need to provide. These certificates are very important to the whole bidding. If you don't have these certifacates, you will fail the bid,...

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company and factory

Welcome to Hongjing!

Welcome to Hongjing! Hello everyone here, welcome to Hongjing website. It is my pleasure to let you know more about our company. Hope here can help you well. Our company name is Shanghai Hongjing Hardware Products Co., Ltd. We are an experienced manufaturer and exporter of stainless steel strapping products, pole hardware and FTTH accessories. Here are some pictures to let you know more about our company! Office This is our working place. Address is Room 602, Building 32, No.258 Xinzhuan Road, Songjiang...

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