Drop Cable Clamp-Different Types

Dorp Cable Clamps

Drop Cable Clamp-Different Types

Drop Cable Clamps

As a manufacturer of telecommunication products and other accessories, Hongjing has many types of drop cable clamps. They are in different materials, colors, even shapes. First, let us know some basic information about drop cable clamp.

Dorp Cable Clamps

Drop cable clamp, (we also can call it drop wire clamp, fiber optic cable clamp, aerial cable clamp), is the aerial fitting for drop or attach fiber optic cables. We can use different cable clamps to tension flat cables, round cables, telephone wire cables to poles, walls, dead end or other places. We can widely use them in indoor application or outdoor application. The materials of them can be stainless steel, UV resistant plastic or as your request. They are all easy to install, and can be used without any tools. Therefore, it is very convenient and time-saving.

Plastic drop cable clamp

Hongjing has many different types plastic drop wire clamps, and they are for different uses. Let us see details.

Drop Wire Tension Clamp 535C drop wire clamp high quality hongjing

HJ-535 Clamp                                                          HJ-535C Clamp                                                           HJ-536 Clamp

There three cable clamps are same in function and for same cable. The only differences are the attaching part and shape. 535 clamp’s attaching part is plastic and connected with its body. It means that we cannot remove the link part, as well we need to open the bail to attach the brackets. Our 535C and 536 clamps are all with seperate hooks which can ensure take it away to connect. These two have different hooks. All of  these three clamps are for 3-6mm round cables.

s type fiber cable clampdrop cable clamp HJ-542S Type Drop Cable Wire Clamp

HJ-540  Clamp                                                          HJ-542 Clamp                                                       HJ-541 Clamp

Hongjing HJ-54 series clamps have same function with other clamps. They also connect overhead cables to optical devices or house. Available in indoor and outdoor application. They are suitable for up to 3mm of FRP messenger cables, and their steel hooks can attach to Hongjing series pole bracket, CT8 bracket, CT24 bracket, drive hooks and so on.


hypoclamp hongjing

HJ-00863                                                                   HJ-00864

Hongjing steel and plastic drop cable clamp and plastic drop cable clamp are similar in shape and same in functions. These two also have same functions with above three steel clamps. The only difference between these two with above three steel ones is the bail. HJ-00863 and HJ-00864 have opening and lockable bails. Therefore, they can connect to more drop wire fittings or hardware. They are for 4-8mm flat cable.


fiber optic drop wire clampplastic tension clamp, black color, high qualitydrop wire clamp

HJ-7593                                                              HJ-39                                                                     HJ-CF26


These three types of drop cable clamps are also Hongjing hot sale clamps. HJ-7593 is for 2-6mm round cable, while HJ-39 is for 1-2 pair drop wire and HJ-CF26 is for 2-6 mm flat cable.

Stainless Steel and Aluminum Drop Cable Clamps

Fiber Optic Cable Drop Wire Clamp drop fiber cable wire clamp fiber optic cable clamp

HJ-00861                                                      HJ-00862                                                                        HJ-FDC01

These three clamps are our stainless steel drop wire clamps. Obviously, the material of them are all stainless steel. SS201 or SS304 is available as your request. HJ-00861 is our smallest steel clamp for connecting flat fiber optic cable. It is for 1- 2 pair cable. Our HJ-00862 has two sizes, one is for 1-2 pair cables, and the other is for 6 pair cables. Our HJ-FDC01 is special one with arc bulge, so it can use for special request.

arc cable clamp hongjing hardware

This is our arc cable clamp, and it also for flat cable. However, the material of this one is different from others. It is made of Aluminum. Due to this different material, it is popular in outdoor application.


If you want to know more about these clamps or have any request on other differernt clamps, please contact us anytime!

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