How to Use Stainless Steel Banding Tool

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How to Use Stainless Steel Banding Tool

Short description of banding tool

How to use stainless steel banding tool? First, we need to know what is banding tool. Banding tool is a kind of tensioning tool. It is for general tighening and cable bundling. The function of this tool is to make sure your banding tight around pole and package. It can be used in most of applications. This tool is good for light duty application to heavy duty application. Here are pictures of our banding tools.

stainless steel banding tools hongjing hardware manual steel strapping tool hardware


Blue one is standard strapping banding tool. It is for band width from 3/8” to 3/4”.  The sliver one is giant banding tool. It is much heavier than standard banding tool. This tool is for band width from 3/8” to 1-1/2”. Sometimes, we can use this for band up to 1-3/4”. Both of them can use with our stainless steel band, buckle and wing seal. They are aslo can be used with carbon steel banding strap. Stainless steel bands and buckles have a lot of sizes and different materials. You can check through our product page.

How to use stainless steel banding tool?

The operation of stainless steel banding tool is easy. First, we need to prepare fastening objects. We need a stainless steel band with suitable length, one buckle or seal, a hammer and our banding tool. (The length of band is about 15-20cm longer than your pole diameter.)

There are detailed steps:

how to use stainless steel banding tool

1. Silde buckle on band as shown. Bend one end of band under buckle.

banding, buckle

2. Bring the other end of band around pole or clamp and again through buckle. Shown as picture. If you want more radial compression, you can continue band around pole once more.

banding tool, band, installation of band by using banding tool

3. Place band in open slot of tool nose and in slide. Apply tension by turning handle of tool.

use banding tool to fix band on pole

4. Put finger on the band in front of tool nost while tensioning. Once enough tension is applied, the tool will be forward to the buckle. When you feel the band stop moving through buckle, stop turning handle.

band and buckle

5. Put the cutting handle to cut the band.

bend the end band to buckle

6. Gently hammer down the band into the buckle.

hammer down the ear of buckle

7. Clinch stub by hammering down buckle ears. Finish the whole operation.

These are all steps of using stainless steel banding tool to fasten band and buckle. It is easy, right? During the operating, please make sure you wear the glooves and long sleeved shirt for security purpose.



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