Several Problems to Look out for Drop Wire Clamps

drop wire clamps

Several Problems to Look out for Drop Wire Clamps

As we all know that drop wire, also called drop cable, is  very popular in FTTH network. We normally use it to be the connector between the distribution network and the users. Generally, there is a long distance from discribution network to houses or buildings. Thus, we need use drop wire clamps and brackets to install on the poles or walls. In this blog, we would like to highlight some key problems during the working of drop wire clamps.

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Brief Description of Drop Wire Clamps

Drop wire clamps play a crucial role in telecommunication field. It is for securing and supporting drop wires. Usually install with brackets, pole clamps, hooks and so on. There are many types of drop wire clamps, for example our HJ-535 clamp, HJ-540 clamp, HJ-00863 hypoclamp, HJ-00862 SS clamp. They are in different materials, in different shapes and for different diameters cables. If you want to know more, please have a look of our blog drop cable clamps-different types.

Several Problems to Look out for with Drop Wire Clamps

1. Incorrect installation

Incorrect installation is one of primary problems. If we don’t fasten it securely or put it in correct position, it may led to cable sagging or even detachment. For example, we need to pay attention to dotted side of HJ-00862 clamp’s wedge.

2. Over-tighting

Because we need to fasten the drop wire clamp with cable tightly, the over-tighting may occur. It will damage the cable jacket, leading to signal degradation or loss.

3. Corrosion

Cause our drop cables and clamps are usually used in outdoor application for a long time, the different environments will influce the usage of them. After exposing to moisture, hot sun and other corrosive elements, some materials is possible to rust or degrade. Therefore, we use stainless steel material and high-quality engineering plastic with UV protected material. It will largely ensure the usage time in outdoor. In addition, the regular inspections and maintenance are also important after installation.

4. Incompatibility with cable types

Different shapes drop wire clamps are designed for different cable sizes and types. Using an incompatible clamp will lead to sagging or damage of cable. Thus, we must choose the right and appropriate clamps.


Drop cable clamps are very common and useful in our telecommunication network. However, there are still many problem may presented during the installation and maintenance. We still need to pay more attention on selecting them. If you have problem on choosing or using them, please contact us any time. We are willing to support you!



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