Drop Cable Hypoclamp FTTH Accessories

Drop Cable Hypoclamp FTTH Accessories

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Drop Cable Hypoclamp

Drop cable hypoclamp has a stainless steel body design. It contains a stainless steel shim, a stainless steel shell and a plastic wedge. This ensures drop cable hypoclamp good performance in outdoor application. It will last for a long time without rust. Clamps also have corrosion resistance. Plastic shim is available.

We widely apply it to support telephone drop wire at Hongjing series brackets. The end of hypoclamp is open and lockable. They can easily attach flat cables to universal pole bracket, CT8 bracket and pole bracket. It will be much easiler for workers to installed on poles. We install them without bending of cable in hypoclamp. It is good choice for fiber optic cable supporting. The span length is up to 70m. The special shim can increase tension load without damage and slip.

Product NameDrop Cable Hypoclamp
Item No.HJ-00863
Cable SizeFlat cables 8 x 4mm
MaterialStainless Steel, Plastic
Place of OriginShanghai, China
Brand NameHongjing
UsagePipe Clamp
StructureSuspension Clamp


1.tool-free, easy to assembly and install.

2.good mechanical performance.

3.customized design.

4. light weight, convinent to carry.

How to install drop cable hypoclamp?

1. Make sure the tension strength of cable suitable for hypoclamp.

2. Take them in three parts, shell, wedge and shim. Find the wedge part.

3. Hang the bail of wedge part to bracket on the pole or wall and lock the bail.

4. Find the shell part and put the cable in it.

5. Put the shim in shell, make sure the gripping bumps facing the cable. This process is for increaing the holding tension of cable.

6. Then put the wedge part in shell. Pull the wedge part to clamp onto the cable and shim.


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