Drop Wire Clamp 535 for Cables

Drop Wire Clamp 535 for Cables

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1.Cost-effective, single-piece design
2.Simple and fast installation requiring no tools
3.Efficient cable grip by conical wedging
4.Manual adjustment of the lowest point of the cable by blocking the wedge on remote position






Drop Wire Clamp

Dead-ending and suspension of flat drop wires 5/9 et 5/99.Qualified by France Telecom.Singlepiece thermoplastic drop clamp, designed with a closed conical body  shape, a flat wedge connected to the body, through a flexible link  ensuring its captivity and an opening bail.

Material: Plastic

Cable Size: 3-7mm Flat Cable,3-6mm Round Cable

Drop Wire Clamp


• May be re-entered and reused.

• Easy cable slack adjustment to apply proper tension.

• Weather and corrosion resistant plastic components.

• No special tools required for installation.

Drop Wire Clamp

1.Pass the free end of the plastic bail through the ring or cross-arm,
lock the bail into the clamp body.
2.Form a loop with the drop wire. Pass this loop through the stretched
end of the clamp body. Place the clamp wedge into the loop.
3.Adjust the drop wire load, sag by pulling the drop wire through the
wedge of the clamp.

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