Drop Cable Clamp Plastic FTTH

Drop Cable Clamp Plastic FTTH

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Drop Cable Clamp

Item No.: HJ-7593

Cable Size: 2 to 6mm round cables

The drop wire clamp contains a mandrel shaped body and an opened bail. It can lock into the clamp body. Its main material is UV resistant nylon.

Optical drop cable clamp is a type of wire clamp. It applies to support telephone drop wire at span clamps, drive hooks and various drop attachments, and applies to round FTTH drop cable in FTTX or fiber optic to home construction. With unique design, it allows the anchoring of the cable on the end support, without any radial pressure on the cable and fiber, and provides additional protection for the FTTH cable.

Product NameDrop Cable Clamp
Item No.HJ-7593
Cable Diameter2-6 mm


1.keep the bail of the clamp open.The cable span end is introduced in the clamp at a point.

2.The cable roll up carries out aound the mandrel clockwise,until the full width of the mandrel covering.The drop cable exits the clamp through another point.The cable section after that point is free of any load,it connects to the wall or pole fitting. Or it installs the next drop clamp in case of double dead-ending.

3.Adjusting the load on the span side,it’s easily pushing the cable on side point,and easy pull the cable on side another point.

4.The cable also installs from side point to side another point.

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