Stainless Steel Drop Wire Clamp

Stainless Steel Drop Wire Clamp

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Stainless Steel Drop Wire Clamp

Stainless steel drop wire clamp develops for the dead-ending of flat fiber optic cable. These clamps consist of a stainless steel body, a shim and a rugged stainless steel bail. The purpose of shim is to increase tension load on drop clamp. It ensures good performance from rust and corrosion. The material can be galvanized steel as your request. We use stainless steel 201 material for this product most.

Drop wire clamp can apply to telephone drop wire cable and optical fiber cable in FTTH solutions. It mostly applies to telecommunication application. The stainless steel bail allows installations of FTTH clamps on the buildings, poles and other positions. The pole accessories we use with drop wire clamp are UPB, CT8 bracket and CT1 bracket. Other fittings are available.


1. SS drop wire clamp’s main material is 201 Stainless Steel

2. light weight, small, good resistance

3. for cable entrance holes

4. easy to applicate and operate

5. stainless steel drop wire clamp has a serrated shim for increased hold on drop wire

6. tools free, can save us much time

Item No.Cable Size
HJ-008619 x 4mm
HJ-00861A7 x 5mm


1. use to relieve strain on telephone wire.

2. apply to secure many kinds of cables.

3. install to support wires and cables at universal pole bracket and other bracket.

4. support both ends of an aerial service drop using one or two pairs drop wires.


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