High Polished Stainless Steel Buckle

High Polished Stainless Steel Buckle

High Polished Stainless Steel Buckle

About The High Polished Stainless Steel Buckle

High Polished Stainless Steel Buckle

High polished stainless steel buckle also called ear lokt buckle. It’s a kind of stainless steel strapping buckles. We use high quality SS201, SS304 or SS316 to produce the banding buckles. The surface treatment is high polished, which can protect our buckles from rust and corrosion. It can be use in the heavy duty application, road signs, cable bundles. Stainless steel banding buckle has the advantages of easy operation and high tension. So it provides great convenience for the workers.  And it can be use with many hardware products.

stainless steel buckle

Complete specifications, thickened design. It can be use with the stainless steel tape and tools.


Item No.Size and Packing
HJ-171150Size: 1/4” * 100 PCS/BOX
HJ-171151Size: 3/8” * 100 PCS/BOX
HJ-171152Size: 1/2” * 100 PCS/BOX
HJ-171153Size: 5/8” * 100 PCS/BOX
HJ-171154Size: 3/4” * 100 PCS/BOX
HJ-171155Size: 1”*25 PCS/BOX
HJ-171156Size: 1-1/4”*25 PCS/BOX

banding buckles

Stainless steel buckle, it is made of stainless steel, which is sturdy and easy to use. It’s resistant to severe cold and high temperature, and it’s cost-effective. With its professional design, so it has a great texture.

Keep Improving

buckles features


1.The surface treatment is smooth and burr-free. It is made by stamping process, with the excellent workmanship, good performance and high sealing degree.

2.Strong weather resistance. The product has the good weather resistance and can be use in a variety of environments.

3.Made of new stainless steel. Stamped and assembled from stainless steel sheet. Contains 201 material, 304 material, 316 material. You can choose according to your needs.

4.Complete specifications. The product specifications are complete and can be customized.

Suit For Various Occasions

application buckles

General Installation

buckles application

Back slide                                                              Monitoring electric box

buckle buckle

Large sign                                                                Small sign

application buckles

Traffic lights                                                           Pedestrian lights


buckles buckles

1.According to the actual use, measure the  stainless steel tie and wear it to one end of  the stainless steel tie, and reserve a length of about 5 cm.

2.Bend the length of the cable tie with a length of about 5 cm reserved, and fix the stainless steel buckle.


buckles steel

3.Fix the length of the 5 cm buckle, and measure the diameter and circumference of the rod and the length of the 10 cm position of the cable tie clamp.

4.Clamp the steel strap with the tie clamp, pull down the handle to tighten it, and ensure that the tightness is appropriate.


buckles stainless steel

5.After the tie is taut, turn the tie pliers as a whole toward the tie buckle, then pull down on the blade handle to cut the tie.

6.Use a hammer to flatten the two corners of the buckle. And jam the reserved cable tie head. In the end, complete the installation of the cable tie.


In Conclusion

Our stainless steel buckles are all high quality and you can use them with confidence. Our service is good, we can help you solve problems online at any time. If you are interested in our stainless steel buckles or any other hardware products, please feel free to contact us.






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