Heavy Duty J Hook Suspension Clamp

Heavy Duty J Hook Suspension Clamp

Heavy Duty J Hook Suspension Clamp

About The Heavy Duty J Hook Suspension Clamp

Heavy Duty J Hook Suspension Clamp

Heavy duty J hook suspension clamp is a series of suspension clamps. It is rich in variety and in stock. It is strictly produced. Which use the raw materials that meet national standards, and strictly produce in line with industry demand standards. It strictly controls standards and has a variety of specifications. It strictly controls the quality, the surface treatment is even and smooth, and the quality is reliable.

The J hook suspension clamp main material is carbon steel, and the surface is with electrogalvanized. It can last very long period without rusty for pole accessories. It can be used with the Hongjing series stainless steel band and buckles. Which can fix on the pole to hold the cables. It plays different roles in different places. It can be use to link the signs and cable installation on the post. That with electro galvanized and can use outside for more than 10 years wihtout any rusty. There will no sharp edges, and corners rounded. All items will be clean rust free, smooth and uniform throughout and will also be free from burrs. It plays a huge role in industrial production. Different cable sizes are available.

It is easy to use, fixed firmly, and reduces man-hours. In the FTTX network structure erection, it is designed to suspend circular optical cables. The clip is very easy to install and requires no additional tools.
It can be easily install on the suspension bracket by manual operation. The plastic inserts in this clip hold the fiber optic cable without damaging it.

J Hook


1. The stress distribution is uniform and there is no concentration point. It increases the stiffness of the cable installation point. The protection performance of the optical cable is good.

2. It has better dynamic stress bearing capacity. The double-layer structure plays a greater role in protecting the optical cable under unbalanced load operation for a long time. Its holding force can reach 10%-20% of the ultimate tensile strength of the optical cable.

3. It has a large contact area with the optical cable, and it equips with a flexible rubber clamp. Enhanced self-damping for reduced wear.

4. The surface is flat and the shape of the end is smooth to reduce power loss.

5. The use of aluminum alloy material enhances the mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of the clip, and greatly prolongs the service life.

6. Easy to install without tools. Maintenance-free, reduce construction costs.

ADSS J hook



Malls                                                                                                   Power stations

application J hook

Rail transport                                                                                   City power

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