Fiber Optic FTTH Plastic Cable Clamp

FTTH Plastic Cable Clamp

Fiber Optic FTTH Plastic Cable Clamp

Brief Introduction

FTTH Plastic Cable Clamp

FTTH plastic cable clamp is durable and has the good quality. It is corrosion resistant, not easy to age and not easy to oxidation, which can be use for a long time. It can be use to tie the self-supporting lead-in cable and pull the cable to the support device. And it can be use with Hongjing other hardware products. We have different style and size of this plastic cable clamp, you can choose according to your needs.

We all know that fiber optic connections have change the way we communicate and access information. However, the process of installing and maintaining fiber optic cables is challenging. The traditional methods of securing optical fibers include the use of metal clips, which are difficult to install. And that can cause damage to the fragile optical fiber. However, the introduction of FTTH plastic cable clamps has change the rules for fiber optic connections. The FTTH plastic cable clamp is a game changer for fiber optic connections. Because of their ease of use and reliability. And because of the high-quality materials, these clamps are resistant to UV radiation, extreme temperatures, and other factors. With its special design, without causing any damage or interference to delicate fibers.


1. It has the unique design and good quality.

2. It is easy to install without any other tools.

3. Using high quality materials, which has the strong stability and good toughness.

4. We support customization, and we have many different styles and sizes, you can according to your needs to choose.

5. It has the good corrosion resistance.

Hongjing Hardware

Hongjing Hardware is an ISO9001 manufacturer and exporter. Our service is good. We have the rich experience of packing and container loading. And we can provide a suitable package for different products. So please trust us as much as possible. If you want to know more details about FTTH plastic cable clamp, please inquiry us!

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