FTTH Drop Wire Clamps Manufacturer

FTTH Drop Wire Clamps

FTTH Drop Wire Clamps Manufacturer

Brief Introduction

FTTH Drop Wire Clamps

FTTH drop wire clamps come in many sizes, types and styles. Different styles play the different roles. They are high quality and durable. It’s corrosion resistant and not easy to break down, which can be use for a long time. We have many different sizes, you can choose according to your needs. If you want to know more details about drop wire clamps, please contact us!

s type fiber cable clamp

This s type fiber cable clamp is made of UV-resistant plastic and high-strength stainless steel. Both single and double-layer drop wire clamps can be use with the fiber optic cable in all FTTX solutions. They can be use in drop cable installations as an attachment to strand wire as well. The s type drop cable clamp has many uses, which can be use in the many places. It can be use for securing drop wires on various house attachments. And it has many features. It’s safe, which can prevent electrical surges from reaching the customer premises. It has the good corrosion-resistant performance, good insulating property and long life service.

drop wire clamp

This s hook type drop wire clamp is a tension clamp for FTTH drop cable. It can connect a triplex overhead entrance cable to devices or buildings. It can be use in both indoor installation and outdoor installation. And it can support one and two-pair telephone drop wire at span clamps, drive hooks, and various drop attachments as well.

With its unique hook and wedge lock design, which plays a huge role in the lots of places. It has the light weight, which is easy to install and operate, without any tools. It has the good weather resistance and corrosion resistance, which can be use for a long time.

Why choose Hongjing?

1. We have the strict quality control system.

2. We have professional and efficient after-sales service.

3. Factory direct-sales, lower purchasing cost.

4. We have the experienced workers team.


Hongjing Hardware is an ISO9001 certificated manufacturer and exporter. Our products are high quality and our service is good. We have some rich experience of package and container loading. And we can provide a suitable package for different products. If you want to know more information about FTTH drop wire clamps, please inquiry us!

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