Useful Fiber Optic Cleaner Pen

Useful Fiber Optic Cleaner Pen

Useful Fiber Optic Cleaner Pen

Fiber Optic Cleaner Pen

Useful Fiber Optic Cleaner Pen

Useful fiber optic cleaner pen is an innovative fiber optic connector end cleaner. It is great for quickly removing dirt, dust, oil and grease from optical fiber adapters without nicking or scratching the end face. There are two types of fiber optic cleaning pen. One is for 1.25mm LC/MU connector, the other is for 2.5mm SC/FC/ST connector.

Two types of the useful fiber optic cleaner pen:

Fiber Optic Cleaner Pen

The green and white one is for 2.5mm SC, FC, ST connectors. And the blue one is for 1.25mm LC, MU connectors.

Fiber Optic Cleaning Pen

The fiber optic cleaner pen is a new type of optical fiber cleaner. It replaces the traditional cotton swab and alcohol. You can simply press the cleaner to remove the attachments on the cores, components, or modules of the optical fiber connectors. It can be use continuously and ensure the good cleaning effect. Effectively remove 99% stains, no alcohol wipe, can remove end stains, dust and so on.

Fiber Optic Cleaner

The “press” cleaning pen is an easy tool to use. It is suitable for cleaning the fiber end face in the adapter. Insert the “press type” cleaning pen into the adapter, and press the handle until you hear the “click” press sound, that is, a clean is completed. It is drive by mechanical pressing optical cleaning belt. Turn the tape gently at the front of the cleaning head. Ensure that the end face of the optical fiber is thoroughly clean. In addition, the “press” cleaning pens are also need by outdoor technicians. Small shape easy to put in the pocket of work clothes. Protect wrists and reduce hand fatigue. Cleaning pen design life is not less than 800 times.

Cleaning Pen


1.One action cleaning system.

2.Effective with a variety of contaminants.

3.Disposable with 800+ cleanings per unit.

4.Compliant with EU/95/2002/EC Directive(RoHS).

5.With the comfortable design, and easy to use.

6.Long time to maintain.

7.Low cost, service life more than 800 times.

cleaner pen use

This is before and after cleaning. There are many stains and dust on the end face of the optical fiber before cleaning. After cleaning, the fiber end face is clean without stains.



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