Different Certifications We Can Supply!

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Different Certifications We Can Supply!

Different certifications are very important for all the large power projects. They are especially important in the tender projects . Sometimes, a lot of companies want to get the bidding projects in their countries. However, it stricts with the quality and manufacturers. In the bidding document, it will clearly indicate the different certifications which the suppliers need to provide. These certificates are very important to the whole bidding. If you don’t have these certifacates, you will fail the bid, and it will be bad for you.

These certificates include the factory’s ISO certificate, material inspection certificate and factory inspection report, etc. The third party inspection certification is important as well. It played a vital role in the whole project. In addition to the bidding projects, the policies of the most third world countries, it will require the COC certificates. Because the COC certificate has played a huge role in the country. From this we can know,  these certifications are very important, it played a big role. And the factory if can provide these certifications is a very important factor.

Different certifications we can supply!

Our company has the ability to provide these different certificates. Follwings are the certificates we can supply:

  1. ISO9001 Certification

    ISO9001 certification latest
    This is our latest ISO9001 certificate. Its influence is great and has played a huge role. Our company has passed this certification on 17th March, 2022. And this is a new date. We can update the ISO 9001 certificate in time if the last one is out of the valid. We will make sure that we can provide our ISO certification any time you want. Because we can ensure the validity period of the certificate, you don’t have to worry, just trust us.

    ISO9001 is one of the international standard. It’s recognized by more than 100 member countries and regions worldwide. It has played a huge role globally. Therefore, there are many companies think it is necessory to hold this certificate for a factory. Here are some brif instructions of ISO 9001 certificate.

    ISO9001 certification features:
    1) The most common and universal.
    2) Apply to all the types, sizes and offerings.
    3) More scientific in content and more operable.

    ISO9001 certification benefits:
    1) Strengthen the quality management.

    2)Provide the methods for the enterprises.

    3) Increase the customer confidence.
    4) Expand the market share.
    5) Improve the product quality and protect the consumer interests.
    6) promote the international trade and clear the technical barriers.

  2. Registration Certificate

    registration certificate
    This is our registration certificate. This certificate can prove our company have a quality management system. It shows that our products are all in a good quality. So you don’t worry about our product quality. Every product we supplied will pass our quality management system. You can rest assured of our products. We have some professional quality testers. Each of them will check the quality of product seriously. They also played a big role in the whole project. We can ensure that every product we produce is in a good quality. Because these products have been tested. If there are any quality problems, we will be responsible for it.

  3. BV certification

    BV certificate
    This is our BV certificate for our drop wire clamp and tie wrap.
    BV certificate is a famous test certifacation. It has played a huge role in the international. And it brings a lot of convenience and benefits to many countries. BV is a large inspection company, which has the best testing service. It has around 300 years exprience of  testing. So it has a rich testing experience, which can ensure the quality of products. And it can bring the convenience and benefits to many countries.

    This company can provide the ship, quality and other inspection in the various field. Our BV certificate is ensure the quality. So you can rest assured as much as possible. We have done lots of BV certifications, and they passed every time. It can show that our products are reliable and high quality. So you can trust us as much as you can. If you want to the other fields’ inspection, we can provide it. It’s according to your request.

  4. SGS certificate

    SGS certificate
    This is our SGS certification. It founded in 1878, it’s the world’s largest and oldest private third-party company. The SGS engages in product quality and technical. It can provide the accurate, reliable and fast service to our customers. It played a huge role in the various fields.

    The SGS can provide the on-site inspection services. And it can provide the most complete testing. So you can trust us as much as you can. The role of SGS certification is to enable smooth customs clearance, to meet the safety standards of the importing country, and to clear the trade barriers.

    All in all, these certificates play a vital role in every aspect. Our company can provide these different certificates, which will be of great help to the customers.

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