U Shackle Galvanized Steel

U Shackle Galvanized Steel



U Shackle

U shackle is a common fitting in the overhead transmission line. We usually use them with guy grip or Aluminum suspension clamp. The material of this product is forged steel with hot dipped galvanized steel. The cotter pin of u type shackle is stainless steel. It can ensure the good performance of anti-rust and anti-corrosion.



drawing of u shackle

Item No.Dimensions (mm)


These are some basic sizes of this product. If you have customized sizes, just let us know. We may figure out that for you.

suspension clamp with u shackle

This is the U shape shackle with our Aluminum suspension clamp. The sets of fittings is for suspending the ADSS cables or OPGW cables. U type shackle is connecting with the poles or towers. Every set of fittings has similiar breaking load to good suspension of the cables.

guy grip with u shackle and thimble clevis

This is our shackle connecting with thimble clevis and guy grip. In this structure, the u type shackle has the same function with Al suspension clamp. These two sets of products are applicated for different purposes and directions. You can choose them according to your real situation. We can provide both two sets according to your request. If you want any other fittings for these two sets, they are all available.




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