Guy Grip for Overhead Pole Line

Guy Grip for Overhead Pole Line

Guy grip is widely used for distribution line and telecommunication construction.  This can be for ADSS & OPGW cables or steel wires. The purpose of guy grip is to protect the conductor from damage. Different materials and sizes are available as your request.

Hot dipped galvainzed steel or aluminum clad steel is available.

Right-hand lay or left-hand lay is available.

Good corrosion resistant.




Guy Grip

Guy grip is a type of widely used overhead pole line products. It is well-known in many countries. People designed this product many years ago, but it still anchors millions of telecom poles worldwide now. It is popular and useful for many connecting and griping work. Let us know more about this product.

We can see from pictures that dead end grip is a u-shape strand. It consists of serval steel wires. The dead end grip has two legs which can grip the conductors by twisting. There is color code on every grip. This color code is for marking the beginning of contact surface with the cables. The material of these wires can be hot dipped galvanized steel or aluminum clad steel. Other material is available according to your request. The number of steel wires can be 3-7. It can be right-hand lay or left-hand lay.

The purpose of this product is to grip the conductors. It can reduce bending and abrasion at support point to protect the conductors from damage.  The conductors can be steel wires, ADSS & OPGW cables or ACAR cables. Different cables use the grips with different sizes and materials. We can provide you detailed information about the grips according to your cable information.

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These are some fittings of guy grip. Turnbuckles, bow shackles, extension rods and extension loops are also the fitthings of it. The material of most of fittings are carbon steel with galvanized surface. You can choose some of them to use with your dead end grip. The function of them is to connect your dead end grip and cable to pole or tower.

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