Guy Thimble for Overhead Line Transmission

Guy Thimble for Overhead Line Transmission

Thimble is a tool which is made to maintain the shape of wire rope sling eye in order to keep it safe from a variety of pulling, friction and pounding. In addition, this thimble also has a function to protect the wire rope sling from being crushed and even eroded so the wire rope will last longer and able to be used often. It also can be used with guy grip for protecting and connecting.

Material: Carbon steel, Stainless steel

Size: As your request

Surface treatment: Hot dipped galvanized, High polished



Wire Rope Thimble

Thimbles have two main uses in our daily life. One is for wire rope, the other is for guy grip. They call wire rope thimble and guy thimble. Below is the picture showing the application of wire rope rigging.

wire rope thimblewire rope thimble with bull dog clamp

We can see in these two pictures. This wire rope rigging is a tool for steel wire with fastening accessories. One of the accessories is metal ferrule, and the other one is bull dog clamp. These two are optional according to your application.

For wire rope, the thimble is to maintain the shape of wire rope sling eye. The function is to protect the wire from the damage of pulling and friction. This product can make the wire rope last longer.  The size of rigging loop must be the same as wire rope. This can make sure the wire rope tight with rigging loop without loose.

Guy Thimble

Another is for guy grip and electrical power transmission. We call it guy thimble. This is for connecting guy grip to poles or towers. We can use them with U shackle, turnbuckle or other connecting fittings. It has the same function with thimble clevis.

guy thimble, turnbuckle, guy grip

This is the usage of guy thimble. You can see from this picture that there are thimble, turnbuckle and guy grip. The thimble is in the loop of the end of guy grip. They fits well without loose. The ring of turnbuckle don’t touch guy grip directly. It touch thimble to protect the guy grip. Guy thimble has many size. We can produce them as your request.


1. Easy to installation, tools free.

2. Galvanized steel or stainless steel material makes them in outdoor without rust and corrision.

3. Light, easy to carry.

If you want to know more about overhead line fittings, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you most sound service and best prices.

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