Label Tape Plastic/ Paper/Metal

Label Tape Plastic/ Paper/Metal

The material of Hongjing label tape can be plastic, paper or metal. Normally, we use it to keep home, office and other places in order.

Size: 12mm*4m

Different tape colors are available.



Lable Tape

Hongjing this type label tape is specially for below DYMO Label Machine, which is 100% compatible for this machine.

label printer

The material of our tape can be plastic, paper or metal as your request. Plastic one is the most popular one and with more label colors than paper and metal one. The normal size of this tape is 12mm*4m, that’s 1/2 in*13 ft. The printed text color is black, while the label colors can be white, clear, yellow, red, green, blue and silver. You could choose the one you want.

Application of Label Tape

Due to the light weight and portability of DYMO label machine and our tape, we can use it everywhere.

For example:

  1.  Label the switches, boxes with different goods and so on at home;
  2.  Identify folders, personal items, different equipments and others in the office;
  3. Use it as cable ID, interface tag, wrap tag and other tags in telecommunication industry.
  4.  Identify different goods in the warehouse;
  5.  Label different vessels, reagents in the laboratory.

There are many different usages. If you need to label something, our label tape is a good choice.


  1. Durable, non-fading waterproof and oil-proof
  2. Abrasion resistant, corrosion resistant
  3. Easy peel and strong adhesive


Black on White91330912209120059421Paper 12mm
Black on White91331912219120159422Plastic 12mm
Black on Clear16952169511226712268Plastic 12mm
Black on Yellow91332912229120259423Plastic 12mm
Black on Red91333912239120359424Plastic 12mm
Black on Green91334912249120459425Plastic 12mm
Black on Blue91335912259120559426Plastic 12mm
Black on Silver91338912289120859429Metal 12mm
Black on Green91339912299120959430Metal 12mm



We pack 24 pcs in one carton. The carton size is 47*39*27cm. Suitable cartons in one pallet.

Package of label tape


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