Center Punch Tools Stainless Steel

Center Punch Tools Stainless Steel

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Center Punch Tools

Item No. HJ-16020

For 3/8″ 5/8″ punch lock clamp

Center punch tool,its special design for steel band strapping,it is widely used in marine, petrol system such as hose assemblies, cable bundling and general fastening.It’s high quality,durable.

Center Punch Tools

Packing: Inner box and corrugated carton or as client’s requirements.

Operating Instructions:

1.Load clamp.Push tension handle forward. Insert center punch clamp tail and push all the way into tool.

2.Tighten clamp.Tighten the clamp with short downward strokes.Tension handle should be in down position at completion of tightening clamp.

3.Lock clamp.Holding tension handle down, lock clamp by hitting punch at least twice with 2 lb. Mallet.

4.Remove clamp tail.Hold work-piece, pivot the tool back, forth to break off clamp tail. Remove tail from tool by operating tension handle. When tail has moved through holding dog, raise tension handle and pull tail free.

Safety Precautions:

1. Read this manual,become familiar with the tool before use.
2. Do not use tool on live electrical sources.
3.Protective eyewear should be worn during use.
4.Wear appropriate gloves for handling steel.
5. When applying clamps, insure fingers are not in contact with
the clamp during installation.


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