Strapping Wing Seal

Strapping Wing Seal

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Strapping Wing Seal

Features:  201 Or 304 Stainless Steel offers good resistance to oxidation and many moderate corrosive agents.

Can hold a single or double wrapped band configuration

Band clamps can be formed over any contour or shape

It is applied on 1/4″ band with our stainless banding tools.

Item No.Sizes and Packing
HJ-191350SIZE: 1/4″ x 200PCS/BOX
HJ-191351SIZE: 3/8″ x 200PCS/BOX
HJ-191352SIZE: 1/2″ x 100PCS/BOX
HJ-191353SIZE: 5/8″ x 100PCS/BOX
HJ-191354SIZE: 3/4″ x 100PCS/BOX

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