AC560 Anchor Clamp Drop Clamp

AC560 Anchor Clamp Drop Clamp

HJ-AC560 Anchor Clamp Plastic Bail

Our new arrival AC560 anchor clamp is made of UV-resistant plastic. The bail is plastic, which is different from our other anchor clamps. This clamp is for 5-6mm round FTTH drop cable.




AC560 Anchor Clamp FTTH Drop Clamp

HJ-AC560 anchor clamp is our new arrival clamp for short span cable, and designed for FTTH aerial 5-6mm round drop cable. This new anchor clamp is new  and a little different from our regular anchor clamps. This clamp consists of a plastic body, a pair of enveloping wedges and a plastic bail. While our regular anchor clamps are with normal wedges and steel bails.

Our new anchor clamp has two main advantages. One is our enveloping wedges. These wedges can ensure our clamp grip drop cables more tightly. Thus, the clamp can still work in some overload situation. The other one is the much norrower body than our regular anchor clamps. (The width is 53mm, and the thickness is 23mm).  Its narrow body can save a lot of space for installation of high density cables and clamps, which ensure we can use many AC560 anchor clamps in one pole bracket.

All plastic material used for AC560 anchor clamp is thermoplastic with UV-resistant. Therefore, our new clamp has good performane in outdoor applications.


  1. No tools required in installtion.
  2. Fast and simple installation due to the design.
  3. Light weight. Easy to carry out.
  4. Can mount on pole bracket, pole clamp, eye bolt and so on.

If you are interested in thic clamp or have more questions, please feel free to contact us!


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