Stainless Steel Band Clip High Polished

Stainless Steel Band Clip High Polished

Stainless Steel Band Clip, Stainless Steel Strapping Clip, Stainless Steel Clip



Stainless Steel Band Clip

Stainless steel band clip is one of the series of stainless steel buckles. It is made of stainless steel, and the material can be ASTM/AISI SS201,SS304 & SS316. It has the excellent corrosion resistance and rust resistance. And it has been edged without cutting hands, which is safe to use. It is made of high quality raw materials, which is durable. It adopts circular arc design and is not easy to break. And it has various clasps, and you can choose according to your needs.

It has many uses, which can be use in the many places. For example, it can be use in the power and telecommunications and petrochemical industries. And lots of products can be use with it. For example, it can be use with stainless steel banding tool, ratchet banding tool and stainless steel channel clamp.


Item No.Size and Packing
HJ-191350SIZE: 1/4″ x 100PCS/BOX
HJ-191351SIZE: 3/8″ x 100PCS/BOX
HJ-191352SIZE: 1/2″ x 100PCS/BOX
HJ-191353SIZE: 5/8″ x 100PCS/BOX
HJ-191354SIZE: 3/4″ x 100PCS/BOX

Company Profile

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certification, ISO 9001 certification

Hongjing Hardware is an ISO9001 certificated manufacturer. Our company main products are the stainless steel strapping produtcs and OEM metal hardware products. Recently, we focus on the field of fiber optic boxes and FTTH accessories. We can provide different third party inspection certificates, such as SGS, BV or COC.

Packing and Shipping

packing and loading

We have some rich experience of packing and container loading. We can provide a suitable package for different products. The outer package is available with pallet and wooden case. It’s according to the product weight. Experienced container staff can use the space rationally of the container, which can save your transportation costs.

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