Dome Closure Fiber Optic Box Manufacturer

Dome Closure Fiber Optic Box Manufacturer

Dome closure is applied in the junction and protecting of the fiber. It can be place with the aerial cable or put in the pipeline. It not only has the butt-joint and branching function, but also has the function of optical cable splitting and wiring, suitable for the installation of main optical cables and drop cables with different diameters.


High quality material such as PC, ABS, can endure harsh conditions such as vibration, impact, tensile cable distortion and strong temperature changes.

It can be reused.

Solid structure, easy to operation and maintain.

Good water and dust proof.



Dome Closure

Dome closure is a kind of protective device in overhead line system. We can see this product on a lot of telecome poles. It has many functions. The main function is to provide space and protection for the cable jointing and splicing.  We also can use this product to manage and store fiber optic cables.  This dome closure has great performance in sealing, protection and storage. It ensures that we can use them in outdoor application.

The material of dome closure body is high quality ABS, PC or PP. The material of fasteners is stainless steel.


1. Solid structure, easy to operate and maintain.

2. Reusable.

3. Water-proof and dust-proof.

4. High quality material can endure bad conditions. Such as impact and strong temperature change.

5. Suitable for aerial, wall-mounted and buried occasions.

6. Can increase or reduce the splice trays according to different applications.


DescriptionSmall oneMiddle oneLarge one
Cable Port2 input 2 output1 input 3 output/1 input 4 output1 input 4 output
Capacity6, 12, 24, 48 cores72, 96 cores144 cores

Detailed description

optical dome closure, cable tray

This is the open state of this product. The white part is splice tray. We can provide this tray with 6 cores, 12 cores and 24 cores.

dome closure accessories for 48 port

These are the accessories of 48 port dome closure. They will be a little different with different port of dome closure. This is for your reference. You can know the general accessories we will provide with this closure. The accessories in other port closure is similiar.


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